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 Don’t loose time as Winter approaches!

Don’t loose time as Winter approaches!

For quality work during winter time, KUHN offers a range of salt spreaders adapted
to the various products as well as the different types of tractors.

The machine you need!

With capacities ranging from 55 to 1500 litres, KUHN salt spreaders can adapt to the various tractor dimensions:

The K51 model is particularly recommended for sidewalks and narrow alleys. It is available in trailed or pushed version. In both cases, it is extremely manoeuvrable, compact and light.

The VSA range is made up of 2 models:

VSA 250, capacity of 250 litres

VSA 360, capacity of 360 litres

Perfect for small tractors that travel on parkings and sidewalks

The AXEO range consists of 3 models of varying capacities:

AXEO 2.1, capacities of 250 or 350 litres

AXEO 6.1, capacity of 560 litres

AXEO 18.1, capacity of 750 to 1500 litres

This models are intended for intensive work,
and that offer a high autonomy for increased work output.