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The Kuhn difference

KUHN Amenity Pro, providing you with a long term solution.

Since 1828, innovation and quality have been the basis of our commitment to our customers. They are the inspiration behind our trademark. In concrete terms, this means 1 600 patents filed, 65 000 machines produced each year and the service ensured by more than 4 500 KUHN staff world wide. Products and services are marketed with a single trademark.

180 years of experience in manufacturing farm machinery helps us offer products and services ensured to perform to our customers’ requirements. Ever since 1962 the slogan “Quality is tomorrow’s quantity” has been displayed in the factory.

As a leader in farm machinery, we want to offer customers the best products, every day and right round the world. We want to satisfy increasing numbers of customers.

Today 4 500 employees are proud to serve the exacting demands of customers. Their skill and commitment also help meet these demands.

To find work practices which maintain this constant quality and customer satisfaction, we are guided by our company project ONE.

KUHN’s commitment is to make a DIFFERENCE for you.

Through the performance and quality of products and services
We ensure the quality of each product delivered to the farmer : rigorous choice of materials and components, continuous improvement of our organisation, quality control of machinery before dispatch, process management, a controlled service level.
With its reliable, quality products and services, KUHN’s reputation is not due to chance. We work at it daily.

Through the power of innovation and creativity
Listening to the demands of farmers is the driving force of innovation at KUHN. We make modern technology available to farmers.

We measure customer satisfaction by strict criteria. The same principles of quality and satisfaction apply to our products supplied world-wide.

Through putting the customer at the centre
Because farming evolves, is more professional, it requires new functions of its machinery. The farming community demands that we include criteria on reliability, value for money and commitment to sustainable agriculture in the specifications of new machines. Because agriculture must always be more competitive, machinery must be of very advanced quality if it is to be a long-term investment for the farmer.

KUHN makes machines to meet the farmers' requirements:

Production cost reduction: to increase the hourly output; get most value from seeds, fertilisers and phytosanitary products; reduce maintenance and running costs,

Good practices and agronomy: to ensure results for the farm; to cope with all soil, crop and forage conditions; to ensure animal welfare, and feed them high quality rations,

Comfort – quality of life: to increase user friendliness; save time; make maintenance and adjustment easier and use machines with a high level of safety

KUHN offers services to meet the requirements of farmers.

Peace of mind - services: through a Network of Partners – Dealers, representatives from the world of agriculture; technical help; on-line help via Internet; targeted documentation and professional handbooks

Proximity - advice: through ensured availability of spare parts - long wearing parts’ service life; strict Quality Control; detailed technical information; commissioning by professionals; breakdown assistance and help

To accommodate farmers, we have chosen to distribute our products by means of a network. Three decisive factors govern our policy here:
- proximity: to provide commercial and technical assistance, we have constructed our network in more than 80 countries and built our factories throughout the world. This network relays your expectations to KUHN,
- performance: the qualifications of the network are updated by continuous training programmes,
- peace of mind: as machines are commissioned by professionals.

Through its expansion
The stability of our Company and our future expansion plans are a guarantee that we want to be at your side, farming generation after farming generation.

Our growth is internal, through the expansion of different product ranges and the introduction of new markets. But growth is also outward, adding lines of complementary products.

Our expansion respects the environment. Right from the design stage our equipment takes account of this. Our industrial sites have restricted impact on the environment.